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Born in 1994, Alon Cohen was raised in Caesarea, a small town in northern Israel. Throughout his childhood he had a great passion for sports such as basketball, tennis as well as triathlon training. He also enjoyed playing the piano. Alon developed an affection for art as he walked through the world’s greatest museums and practiced his drawing skills daily as a young adult. 

Alon began his architectural studies at the Shenkar College of Engineering in 2016. Two years into his architecture practical engineer degree, he decided that his true passion lied in painting and decided to pursue his career as an artist. He began taking courses in several painting and drawing studios, where he could express his emotions through his work and explore his style and talent. 


 2019-2022, Alon studied in Tel Aviv University Design for Stage, Film, and Television studies which has spurred his creativity and passion. 


As for his artistic style, Alon begins each painting freely without too much thought or planning. Similar to the creation of man, he does not know what the final outcome of his work will be. He mostly creates oil  or acrylic paintings with colors that catch his eye. Gradually, a story, together with memories, criticism, and emotion emerges. 


Alon is captivated by all that he has seen and experienced thus far in his life and continues to paint his thoughts and stories.

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